Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Suburbia The New Frontier



                As a resident of the area, my work emerges from a visual and personal interpretation of the surrounding landscape.

                 This Bicentennial year, I opted to produce a series of strongly narrative images depicting both the history and the possible future evolution of the landscape.

                To complete this task, I needed research, and I am grateful for the publication of the book, ‘On the Frontier”, by Christopher Keating.

                I started photographing the Cow pasture area, the same place where
Cattle from the first fleet were found in 1788 grazing. My work centres around this area and looks towards the huge expanse of housing developments and the CBD.

                Agricultural and farming was the main focus of the land from the 1820,s onwards as ex-convict farmers and colonial blue bloods provided produce to the population, and ‘The Frontier emerged as a divide between the bush and the big smoke.

                The South-West’s conversion from country to city status with its own suburbia has accelerated dramatically in the last 50 years as the population growth has sought affordable housing, and home ownership has become a symbol of security and social acceptability, however as dramatic as the urban and commercial growth, has been the demise of the agricultural sector.

                My work presents a transition of time, dawn to dusk, and an evolution of rural to suburban subjects and colours.

                                I play with photographic images, compose on Photoshop, and recreate with paint, often using transparent glazes to produce the atmospheric changes of the day.

                I am grateful to the Liverpool Art Society and The Casula Powerhouse for this opportunity to display my work 

Sharon Trejbal


New work for the Casula Powerhouse

Monday, May 3, 2010

exhibition time

I am so grateful for my inspiring friends,

   Jo, Jenny and Daniela, looking foreward to 

   Opening and many more to come.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


The first of my snow images

As a regular visiter an admirer of our Alpine Landscape I had collected so many great snow photos.Many of which were photographed in places you just couldnt get to without a set of skis.
  I decided to make it a series of images, these were the first, which ,insidently were the basis for my first exhibition outside Art School, at Faifield Gallery, last December.

Photography, just a piece of paper

Epsom ,Photographic paper 6"x4"      


This painting won the Scolarship for LAS ,at the Casula Powerhouse, the theme was Asia. I researched all I could on China,s domination and destrucction of the Tibetan Landscape and learnt a lot in the process.
Initially I wanted to paint the himalayas,I remember visiting the foot of the himalayas in the 80,s and chillingon the roof of a houseboat, how so much has changed.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More photography, Landscapes

Drawing was always one of my favourite subjects

In this image I combined my husbands KTM motorcross bike with a rose, something harsh ,something soft, natural, constructed, its huge and hangs in his study, he likes it and so do most of his Dirt Bike world friends, its an interesting mix.

Lanscape series

This image is a photograph of the original, the original was sold, and it won the works on paper at the Casula Powerhouse, so I was really pleased.
Inspired by the Queensland artist William  Robinson , who saw everything, morning, night, horizons,foregrounds,midgrounds etc, all at the same time. Its a combination of photography, watercolour, ink ,charchoal, everything, must do more like this.

Just a few favourite portraits

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just some abstract images composed from differing shapes and texures, I think the colour scheme works well.

Older works, Journey through the botanical gardens

Another art school painting, had to create 9-10 smaller paintings, I thought they looked better with the help of frame and nailgun, this one came 2nd in the traditional section of the Liverpool Art Exhibition.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

myself in the spotlight ,as a man.

I painted this at art school, dressed up in a mans suit, complete with spotlights, but I looked so sad, uncomfortable , the weight of the world burdening me, much rather be female.